1. I am on my way to the church assembly on Sunday morning and I see a car on the side of the road with a flat tire. As I get closer I see it is an elderly man who cannot change the tire on his own. Stopping to help means I'll miss the church service. I can't miss church so I drive on by and hope someone else helps him.

  2. My feelings are hurt when others don't notice what I do for the church.

  3. I compare my spiritual life with that of others.

  4. I am disturbed when others don't share my conclusions about the Bible.

  5. It is my duty to correct doctrinal error when I see it.

  6. I can learn a lot about a person's heart by the way they interpret the Bible.

  7. I never get into quarrels about the Bible.

  8. For the most part, I believe that people in denominations other than my own are saved.

  9. When someone's religious practice isn't consistent with my own, I try to find a way to get them to conform even if I can't convince them that my way is right.

  10. I can't really grasp the principle that Jesus had in mind in Mat 9:13 "I desire mercy, and not sacrifice."

  11. No matter how hard I try to live right, I never feel confident of my salvation.

  12. I am a happy person because of Christ and feel joyful at least some of the time.

  13. When I meet a preacher, teacher, etc. from a different denomination, I feel a sense of distance, antagonism, uneasiness, or superiority.

  14. God wants me to remain in fellowship with others even if their religious beliefs or practices differ from mine.

  15. The only biblical interpretations that should be voiced at my congregation are those that conform with congregational consensus.

  16. My closest friends are all from my denomination.

  17. I feel guilty when I miss a church service.

  18. I ask God to forgive my sins on a regular basis.

  19. There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything in religion.

  20. God is more like a policeman than a fireman.

  21. God is more glorified through the style of music and/or worship used by my denomination.

  22. There are not many churches that really teach the Word of God.

  23. We can be absolutely certain of what the Bible says on most topics even when the meaning must be inferred.

  24. My main motivation in befriending people outside my denomination is to convince them of their error.

  25. I believe that my salvation is easily lost.