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Bible Enigmas
Thinking Stick Man

The Bible sometimes leaves us with as many questions as answers. Some passages make statements that are not clearly explained and arouses our curiosity. Let’s look at a couple of very well known stories in Genesis.

Talking snake

With little in the way introduction, a talking snake appears in Genesis 3 who successfully deceives Eve. We aren’t told how he got into the garden. There is no mention of how bizarre it is that a snake can speak. We aren’t explicitly told who the snake is. In fact, nowhere else in the entire Bible are we clearly told who the snake was. There are hints that it was Satan (there is little doubt it could have been anyone else), but nowhere is the snake’s identity spelled out for us. Why would the text leave us hanging like this?

Cain’s sacrifice

In the next chapter, Genesis 4, we see Cain and Abel bringing offerings to God. God accepted Abel’s offering, but not Cain’s. The author of Genesis doesn’t explain why one offering was pleasing to God and the other was not. Many have speculated that Cain’s offering was rejected because it wasn’t an animal. Perhaps this is so, but Leviticus 2 is all about grain offerings to God. Since God later commanded grain offerings, it is far from certain that God was displeased because Cain’s offering came from the ground. What’s the deal?

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